Monday, April 14, 2008

Mr. Leiren-Young Goes to Ottawa

My Joust with Senators over Free Speech in Film
Leiren-Young: Message delivered.

Jitters, the F word, and what I told the Bill C-10 hearings.

By Mark Leiren-Young
Published: April 14, 2008

[Editor's note: To read the full transcript of the Senate panel discussion during the session Mark Leiren-Young spoke in, click here. His comments begin about half way down.]

The nice people at the Book and Periodical Council wanted me to be as well behaved as possible. The nice woman from the CBC really wanted me to say "fuck" on TV. And what the f*** were the senators going to say?

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info said...

Good for you and good for us! Every now and again it is good for the decision makers and culture funders to hear from the folks that actually bring Canada to the screen. Well done.

But I wouldn't have had the courage. I wouldn't have been able to stay focused while hunting for a fox hole to drop the Young People Fucking grenade into.

I got uninvited as a headlining author to an event once the invitation committee decided that they couldn't stomach the "implied fellatio" in my story Dining with Death that I was invited to present. There was no "implied fellatio" (their words) and it wasn't Dining with Death but the story Rumbles in Arse du monde that had the "implied fellatio". But I swallowed it.

You Sir, you brushed your teeth and went to the Hill. Good on ya.

Kathleen Molloy, author - Dining with Death