Saturday, March 31, 2007

Battlestars go Green

If you look at the credits for The Green Chain it kind of feels like we should be cutting down trees with laser beams or starting a replanting project on New Caprica...
Two of the stars of The Green Chain are also stars of Battlestar Galactica.
Tricia Helfer (our "superstar" who comes to logging country to speak out against clearcuts) plays a Cylon. Actually, she plays a lot of Cylons and what may or may not be an imaginary character in ex-President Baltar's head.
And our firefighter, Tahmoh Penikett, plays Lt. Helo Agathon, the heart and conscience of Battlestar.
Tricia and Tahmoh are the two Canadian actors that Battlestar's Executive Producer David Eick recently raved about as the show's breakout discoveries in a recent interview in Reel West Magazine (that'd be the same mag that featured Tricia and me on the cover).
Eick noted that Tricia had to "carry the miniseries" and describes her as, "a tremendous talent and someone who has been extremely important to the show."
And Tahmoh? "Tahmoh is quite a success story because he was a day player for the miniseries and he was so compelling in the role and such a natural star we recreated the role when we were trying to convince the network to give us a series order."
The Green Chain's executive producer, Donna Wong-Juliani, has her own Battlestar connection. Her son, Alessandro, plays Lt. Felix Gaeta -- one of the show's most idealistic characters (even if he did perjure himself in the season finale). When we were casting and wanted to find out whether Tricia and Tahmoh were good to work with, it was Alessandro who assured us they were amazing.
For those of you who don't watch Battlestar Galactica... go get some DVDS and catch up... It's consistently the most powerful -- and most political -- series on TV.
And since our logger, Scott McNeil, is one of the biggest stars in the worlds of anime and animation and I spend most of my time these days working in fantasy TV (my first episode of Blood Ties -- the detective/vampire series just aired on Lifetime) and animation (Pucca and Class of the Titans coming soon) I keep thinking... maybe we can be the first non- genre film ever to play the San Diego Comic Con...

Monday, March 19, 2007

Green post post

I just saw The Green Chain on the big screen for the first time and it looks like...
A movie.
Okay, so it was only 80 seconds and there was no sound, but still...
We got a chance to see all our actors on the big screen and everyone looked amazing.
The Green Chain post team was at the shiny, new Vancity Theatre. The 80 seconds on film were to see how the colour correct -- and the movie -- translated to film. It turned out we had one segment that needed tweaking because it was too orange (a few weeks ago I wouldn't have known things could be too orange, or that you could change them). I think seeing the movie looking like a movie... in a theatre... was one of the highlights of this ride so far
Colour correct was a major education.
We did stuff in the computer that I would have thought qualified as special effects work. I knew that you could adjust colours and tones, but I had no idea that you could subtly shift things inside the frame.
So... the editing is done... and now it's all there except for the audio mix, which is happening in early April.
And then it's time to send this out to festivals and start linking this chain to the rest of the world.
Coming soon to a theatre near you...