Monday, March 19, 2007

Green post post

I just saw The Green Chain on the big screen for the first time and it looks like...
A movie.
Okay, so it was only 80 seconds and there was no sound, but still...
We got a chance to see all our actors on the big screen and everyone looked amazing.
The Green Chain post team was at the shiny, new Vancity Theatre. The 80 seconds on film were to see how the colour correct -- and the movie -- translated to film. It turned out we had one segment that needed tweaking because it was too orange (a few weeks ago I wouldn't have known things could be too orange, or that you could change them). I think seeing the movie looking like a movie... in a theatre... was one of the highlights of this ride so far
Colour correct was a major education.
We did stuff in the computer that I would have thought qualified as special effects work. I knew that you could adjust colours and tones, but I had no idea that you could subtly shift things inside the frame.
So... the editing is done... and now it's all there except for the audio mix, which is happening in early April.
And then it's time to send this out to festivals and start linking this chain to the rest of the world.
Coming soon to a theatre near you...

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